Trade Finance

We have an active Trade Finance desk to facilitate trade between India and Benelux region. We offer:


• Advising services in respect of Letters of Credit opened by any Indian Bank. Upon request, we add confirmation to these LCs, to mitigate risk.


• Negotiation/Discounting of export bills under LCs of our branches and those of all major Indian and International Banks at competitive rates.


• Special structures for bulk business.


• Facility of transfer of LCs either wholly or partially, to different suppliers.


• Documentary collections.


• Issuance of Bank Guarantees. These may be Bid bond, Performance, or Advance Payment Guarantees, depending on the nature of project.


For further information/clarifications please call

Ms Upma Bansal, Manager (Mgr Trade & NRI)


Tel  : 0032/3/2050206








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