Privacy Policy


[Applicable only for customers of Antwerp Branch of State Bank of India.]

Privacy Policy

Building and maintaining customer confidence has always been a priority to the State Bank of India (hereinafter: “SBI”). We at the SBI recognize and respect the trust the customers repose in us when they share their personal information with us. This Privacy Policy has been adopted by and applies to the Antwerp Branch of SBI, Korte Herentalsestraat 3, 2018 Antwerpen 1, Belgium (hereinafter: “SBI Antwerp”). It outlines the types of personal information we collect, why we collect it, how we use it and with whom we share it.

Personal information means information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person, such as an individual customer or a contact person employed by a corporate customer (hereinafter: “Personal Information”).

This Privacy Policy applies to products and services of SBI Antwerp, availed by individuals for personal, family or household, business and non-business purposes. 


1. Our Commitment

SBI Antwerp is a Branch office of the State Bank of India which legal existence is based upon the State Bank of India Act 1955 and is therefore bound by the statutory provisions contained therein. As per the statutory provisions, it is obligatory for SBI Antwerp not to divulge any information relating to the affairs of our customers except in circumstances where it is, in accordance with the law or the practices and usages customary amongst bankers, necessary or appropriate for the SBI to divulge such information.

SBI Antwerp is committed to maintaining the privacy of its customer’s Personal Information. In order to safeguard the confidentiality of such Personal Information, we restrict access to customer accounts to employees on a need-to-know basis to provide account services, for SBI Antwerp’s internal accounting and for review and compliance purposes. We require all SBI Antwerp employees to maintain the confidentiality of our customer’s Personal Information and we have implemented reasonable physical, technological and procedural information security safeguards in compliance with Belgian data protection law.


2. Protecting Customer’s Privacy Means:

# Personal Information shall be kept strictly confidential;
# Personal Information shall not be sold;
# Personal Information shall not be obtained, used or disclosed without the customer’s prior informed consent. Personal Information may exceptionally be disclosed in the cases mentioned below under “Transfers of Personal Information”;
# Personal Information shall only be processed for the services we provide to our customers, to comply with legal regulations to which SBI may be subject and for marketing potential products and services to the same customers;
# The customer will be offered a meaningful opportunity to access Personal Information pertaining to him/her we maintain on record. The customer has the right to have objectively verifiable erroneous Personal Information corrected or deleted.
# We shall respect the customer’s privacy when we market our products and services. Specifically, we provide a right to opt-out from the use of Personal Information for marketing of products and services to our customers.


3. Personal Information Categories We Collect

SBI Antwerp only collects and processes Personal Information as required for the provision of the agreed services and to honor its legal obligations. SBI Antwerp maintains the following Personal Information categories of its customers: (i) individual’s name, (ii) address, (iii) profession, (iv) nationality, (v) passport/identity card number, (vi) introductory reference, (vii) e-mail address, (viii) telephone number. We may collect any other additional information as required to:

 Establish your identification
 Maintain contact details
 Protect you and us from error and fraud
 Understand your needs and eligibility for products and services
 Design / Improve and recommend particular products and services to meet your needs
 Provide you quality products or services
 Comply with legal requirements


4. Keeping Personal Information Accurate and Up To Date

We take all reasonable measures to ensure that all Personal Information we hold is as accurate as is possible. Customers may contact us at any time and ask for correction if they feel that their Personal Information is inaccurate or incomplete, by means of a written representation submitted personally, by post or by email at, SBI Antwerp preserves the right to ask further identification details such as a copy of the customer’s identity card to avoid misuse or fraud. SBI Antwerp requires that a written confirmation duly signed by the customer be sent by regular mail, in case of access requests sent in by e-mail.


5. Transfer of Personal Information
SBI Antwerp may share customer’s Personal Information within the SBI group, but where such Personal Information is shared the SBI will require all the recipients to observe privacy standards in consonance with Belgian and EU data protection law.
Information relating to the customer’s financial circumstances remains secret and will not be disclosed without the customer’s prior and informed consent to third parties outside the SBI group except:
(i) for fraud prevention purposes;
(ii) when the SBI is required to make such a disclosure by law, by any judicial bodies, or by state agencies to which the SBI may be subject;
(iii) in the case of a merger or sale of part or the entirety of our business(es) to ensure the continuity of business in which case appropriate confidentiality requirements will be respected to protect the privacy and confidentiality of such information.
In certain circumstances the SBI may (under strict codes of secrecy) also disclose such information to its sub-contractors or to its agents. The SBI imposes contractual requirements to such sub-contractors and agents to implement adequate data protection measures.
The SBI may, in connection with the above, transfer Personal Information to India or any other country (where the SBI has its operations) for storage and/or information processing purposes. All Personal Information, however, regardless of the location of the storage within the SBI group, will be afforded a high level of protection against any unauthorized or accidental disclosure, access or deletion. 


6. Other Information

SBI Antwerp retains the right to amend this current Privacy Policy at any time. Such changes shall not result in a lower protection as the level of protection provided for in this Privacy Policy.
Customers who have any questions about our Privacy Policy, on how to exercise their data protection rights or about the security and confidentiality of their Personal Information are welcome to call our Compliance Officer at the Branch where SBI holds their account, who will be happy to assist them. Our Compliance Officer may be contacted by telephone No 00-32-3-2050207, Fax No 00-32-3-2324370 and/or email at: